And then it was 2018

Kimberly Collura

Wow! What a crazy whirlwind 2017 was-from starting a new job in January, to leaving said job to "stay home", to launching Goodie Stash, to my BABY turning ONE, to trying to find new routines, to surviving the holidays, to the loss of both of my sweet little doggies, and doing what I could to keep my head above water....let's just say I am welcoming 2018 with open arms!

While I had A LOT of blessings in 2017, the year was just, well, WEIRD!

I am mind-mapping and strategizing my brain off and have lots of plans for this year, including a new platform for the boutique that I am pretty excited about....let's just say if you know me, then this new product line will not surprise you at all!

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