Mad About The Green Plaid Wrap N Twist Headband

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Make yourself “pinch-proof” this St. Patrick’s Day with this plaid headband featuring various shades of green.

Inner-wire makes these headbands durable and allows you to bend and form around your head to fit a variety of shapes and sizes including children and adults.


Length: 30.5"
Width: 2.5"

*Why You Will Love Them*

  • Won't "pop off" your head
  • Lightweight/ not bulky
  • Will form to fit your head 
  • Won't snag or pull hair

  • *Some Styling Options Include*
    - Wrap N Twist Headband Bow: Simply wrap the band around your head and twist ends together to form a bow

    - Pony/Bun Wrap Bow: Put your hair in a ponytail or bun and wrap the wired band around a couple of times, forming a bow or turban knot in the front

    - Rosette/ Faux Turban: Wrap the band around your head and twist the end together, keep twisting in a circular motion and tuck ends under the band

    - Bunny Ears Bow: Wrap band around and twist at top of head, leave ends facing up for a "bunny" look

    - Head Scarf: From the front of head, wrap the headband towards the back and twist ends together underneath at base of head.

    Each headband is hand cut and sewn. Details of your headband may vary due to the random cut from the main fabric pattern.

    Hand-wash cold, lay flat to dry, air dry only


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